Controller Master Probe

High Speed ECU-to-PC Measurement and Calibration Interface
Controller Master Probe (cmProbe) is a powerful tool to support calibration, measurement and related engineering tasks on ECUs. Use the Controller Master Probe’s high-speed interface to quickly and easily calibrate ECUs, share large amounts of data between an ECU and a PC, set variables “on the fly” at high speed, do flashing, rapid prototyping and more.

  • Applications similar to INCA xETK and ATI A7/M6 hardware
  • 2.5 Gbit/s trace interface with ECU
  • Capable of logging 64,000 two byte measurement signals every 10 ms
  • Measurement data throughput up to 120 MB/s
  • Record direct memory addresses on ECU, not just those shared between modules over CAN
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet XCP over TCP/IP connection to PC
  • Real-time switching among calibration memory pages
  • Supports Infineon TriCore AURIX TC2xx microcontrollers
  • Requires little to no additional CPU processing time
  • Compatible with major calibration tools like ETAS INCA, ATI Vision, DiagraX, Vehicle Spy, and Vector CANape
RAD- Moon
RAD-Moon Connection Diagram