Tiny FIBEX Viewer

In the past, OEMs usually used text-based descriptions in Word documents or proprietary file formats to store network data, files that were difficult or impossible to share across tools. FIBEX is a specification for vehicle network information created by ASAM to allow tools to share vehicle network definitions electronically, and has become the industry standard file format for sharing FlexRay cluster definitions.

Intrepid created the Tiny FIBEX Viewer for customers who want to learn more about the FIBEX format. The tool allows you to view files and search the FIBEX and FlexRay specifications. Intrepid also supports loading FIBEX files into Vehicle Spy for FlexRay applications.

Download: Tiny FIBEX Viewer

Example FIBEX File: FlexRay_Cluster_Example.xml

Setup Steps:

  1. Copy the .EXE file to any folder.
  2. If you wish to search the FIBEX specification, copy it to the same folder, and be sure it is named “fibex.pdf”.
  3. If you want to search the FlexRay specification, copy it to the same folder and name it “flexray.pdf”.
  4. Open and view FIBEX files.

We hope you find this free tool useful. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.


NEW in version 0.8:

  • Added message buffer configuration support for output buffers.
  • New ECUs frame list shows all frames used by an ECU, including the Header CRC calculation (HCRC).
  • All cluster parameters have descriptive tooltips.
  • All cluster parameters contain valid range hints next to them.
  • A faster parser has been adeded to Cluster settings view.
  • Slots are now shown graphically in the Cycle diagram.

NEW in version 0.7:

  • FIBEX viewer creates C Code for configuring bosch ERAY FlexRay controllers; click the ERAY tab and the FlexRay Controller setup will be created from the loaded FIBEX for every ECU in the cluster. The configuration includes the GTUC1-GTC11, SUCC1-SUCC3, NEMC, PRTC1,PRTC2, and MHDC registers.
  • A new panel was added to display controller parameters.