Wireless neoVI

Wireless neoVI is a website and server software package that manages automatic and manual remote download, control, and monitoring of data. Its carefully designed user interface makes interacting with your logger fleet straightforward and intuitive.
Wireless neoVI 软件包括:

  • 车队管理软件用于 Intrepid 数据记录仪
  • GPS地图车辆跟踪
  • A collected data repository
  • 远程设备控制与配置
  • 实时数据查看
  • 硬件维护与保修
  • 为期一年的 Wireless neoVI 软件

Wireless neoVI 软件功能:

  • 支持远程采集和下载数据文件
  • 支持远程激活、禁用和重新编译记录仪
  • 支持远程多组数据的后期处理
  • 支持在Intrepid的服务器或是客户自己的服务器上进行操作
  • Control loggers from a web portal on your PC or mobile device
  • Manage your fleet with automated on-demand reporting, dynamic issues management, and vehicle management for the transportation and construction industries
  • 集成测试车辆的定位等车队管理的功能


Wireless neoVI
Wireless neoVI is Part of Intrepid’s New Suite of Data Logging Solutions

Wireless neoVI is part of Intrepid’s advanced wireless in-vehicle data acquisition system. This solution consists of neoVI PLASMA data loggers installed in each vehicle of the fleet, an internet server with Wireless neoVI software, and PC client terminals outfitted with post-analysis software such as Vehicle Spy.

Each neoVI PLASMA connects to vehicle buses and/or analog sensors, collecting data in real time. The units transmit data to the server wirelessly via 3G cellular, Wi-Fi, or GPRS. The neoVI PLASMA can be programmed to send data to the server automatically, at scheduled times, based on data analysis results, or based on user commands sent from with Wireless neoVI software itself.

Collected vehicle data can be stored locally on SD cards or transmitted wirelessly to the server. Transmitted data is encrypted and compressed to ensure security and minimize storage size, then decrypted and uncompressed on the server for analysis. Users can monitor data, track and control loggers, download data, and do much more. Vehicle Spy enables users to turn their collected data into useful information.

Our Servers or Yours? It’s Your Choice

Wireless neoVI can operate on Intrepid’s servers or on your own. Should you choose to host your data with Intrepid, rest assured that we will provide you with reliable and secure data storage.

We offer:

  • Convenient Connectivity: Access your data with a simple internet connection. Work from anywhere!
  • Scalability Based On Your Needs: We offer scalable solutions to match your data needs as they evolve over time. Whether you need one terabyte of storage or thousands, Intrepid has you covered. Let us worry about the back end administration, while you focus on your primary objective: collecting, storing, and processing data.
  • Inherent Redundancy: Data security and reliability are major concerns in our digital world. Intrepid’s Virtual Distributed Cloud (VDC) solution is designed with many layers of redundancy, ensuring that your data is secure and accessible at all times. We employ industrial-grade uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, backup generators and enhanced security. Our services are also not physically reliant on a specific server: if one fails, our system will seamlessly switch to another without interruption or downtime.
  • Data Snapshots: Another benefit of Intrepid’s VDC is the ability to preserve data with near-instant snapshots. Copy all of your data as often as once per hour without experiencing any loss of performance. Store previous snapshots for later reference, or use them as a complete backup solution.