General Information

GMLAN is a set of high level protocols for diagnosing ECU systems on supported vehicles. There are more than 20 different commands for reading,writing, and clearing information inside an ECU. GMLAN is a combination of GM2190 and Keyword 2000 diagnostics. All functions are defined in GMW 3110. GMLAN uses functions from ISO15765-2 (USDT Messaging) and supports OBD CAN, legislated by J1979 Requirement.

GMLAN has been extended with additional requirements and is often referred to as GM Global A. Global A includes many types of networks and protocols. Intrepid offers the most complete functionality for GM Global A.

GMLAN Features in Vehicle Spy

All the GMLAN features in Vehicle Spy are too numerous to list; however, here are a few to consider:

GMLAN Snapshot
The GMLAN Snapshot reduces all common diagnostics into one or two click operations. GMLAN Snapshot will query all ECUs on an entire vehicle and report all DTCs, DIDs, and other information in a quick list.

Innovative Diagnostics Support
Intrepid’s diagnostic solution exceeds other solutions by organizing diagnostics into Jobs. These Jobs can be saved and scripted. The data from these Jobs can be logged, plotted or used for trigger expressions. Unlike other tools, the GM engineer never needs to go offline for setup.

GMLAN Virtual Networks View
The GMLAN protocol has a network management system called virtual networks. This concept is difficult to master and debug. Intrepid provides a virtual network view to visualize this complex aspect of GMLAN.

GMLAN Simulator
The GMLAN Simulator simulates any combination of ECUs on the bus. The user can specify the signal data for each message. This data can include waveforms or data calculated from other signals or data values. Also, the simulator is fully scriptable.

DPS Tools Flash Programming
Intrepid has developed full support for ECU programming using GM’s DPS tools programming. GM engineers can select neoVI as an option and program on high or low speed CAN. Often Intrepid’s hardware is faster – sometimes up to 50% when compared to other hardware tools.

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